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image of a woman sprinting. the photo shows the area between her shoulders and knees from the left side. she is wearing a petrol crop top and a petrol pair of leggings. She has a small tattoo on the right forearm on the inside.side portrait of a woman of color from the right side. she is sitting in front of an orange background. she has curly dark hair that is shoulder length. she has a dark tattoo on her right shoulder.image of two woman in a bathroom. one woman is sitting of the counter on the left side of the image. she is wearing light green pants and a grey knitted top. she is holding an orange drink in her left hand. she has short curly dark hair. on the right side of the image is another woman standing in fron of the bathroom mirror adjusting her hair. she has dark curly long hair and is holding it up like a ponytail. she is wearing a pink neckholder top and coral linen pants. the bathroom is mainly white with some black accents and brass faucets.Image of two arms meeting in the middle of the image  grabbing each other. One arm has a darker complexion, the other one is white. In the background is a sandy beach and a dark rock.
Image of a printed out image on some light lilac fabric of a woman with black hair wearing a jeans jacket. The background of the image is white.closeup of two faces next to each other. the image shows one half of each face. the left one has brown/green eyes, the right one has dark brown eyes and is wearing a nose ring.portrait of a woman with copper curly hair. she is wearing pink glitter eyeshadow and pink lipstick. the portrait has a blurry second portrait overlay on the left side.Image of a woman sitting in front of a pink background. The woman is wearing a black v neck shirt and also some vr goggles. In her hands she holds the vr joysticks. she has long curly dark hair. the lighting on her and the vr equipment is petrol.
A diverse

WDY Studio is a women-led design studio that helps feminist businesses and individuals become favourite brands through strategic, inclusive design.


Only 11% of creative directors and 0.1% of agency owners are women. Julia (she/her), founder of WDY Studio is on a mission to make this gap smaller. She's not just about aesthetics, but about creating authentic brands that resonate, connect, and drive real change.

Julia Kabelka the founder of WDY Studio sitting in front of a yellow background holding a macbook in her hands. The apple sign is light up in blue, as well as her face. The rest of her body is just a black silhouette.Portrait of Julia Kabelka, the founder and designer of WDY Studio. The image has a bright pink background. Julia is sitting on a chair and only the silhouette of her body is visible (in black). Her face is illuminated in bright green light. She is wearing transparent glasses and her dark curly hair in a bun.

Empowering feminist businesses

Our mission is to transform feminist businesses into confident, impactful brands that resonate and inspire.

empowered women empower women

Strategic inclusive design

Our tool of choice is design – strategic and inclusive. We harness its power to create brands that stand out and feel right.

let's redesign for equality

crafting authentic narratives

Our goal is to offer a save space, where you're empowered to share your authentic story and pave a better way forward.

the future is equal