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Inclusive Design Big Impact

We are design nerds, pixel perfectionists and dedicated to take responsibility for shaping a world that embraces and uplifts everyone through our inclusive design approach merged with the visions of our clients.


Design is never neutral. It can hinder or empower. Our philosophy? To use design as a tool for good. By challenging norms and promoting accessibility, we give diverse voices the platform they deserve.

hinder or empower

Design is power

Breaking boundaries

More than aesthetics, our designs reflect a world of diversity. Together, we'll craft brands that don't just captivate the eye but also drive business momentum. Anchored in purpose and inclusion, our approach ensures you stand out while moving forward.


Meet the Founder

Portrait of Julia Kabelka, the founder and designer of WDY Studio. The image has a bright pink background. Julia is sitting on a chair and only the silhouette of her body is visible (in black). Her face is illuminated in bright green light. She is wearing transparent glasses and her dark curly hair in a bun.


Founder | strategist | designer | Developer

our core values

Empower transformation

embrace diversity

Through Design

How We Help Feminist Businesses Be Seen

Brand Strategy


Discovery & Research

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Brand Design


Creative Direction

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Our collaborative process

Your project with us starts with a simple step: reaching out. Be it through an email or our contact form, your voice is vital to us. Our interactive discovery phase then kicks in, aiming to unravel the details of your business. In our scheduled discovery call, we deep dive into understanding the challenges your brand faces, weighing them against emerging industry trends, and tailoring strategies aligned with your future ambitions. This collaborative exploration of your brand's DNA ensures we're both on the same page. Following this, a detailed, personalized quote highlighting milestones and costs is presented, charting out our roadmap ahead.

Branding is more than just a logo; it's an emotion, a promise, and a commitment. We start by sculpting your brand's positioning and breathe life into its unique personality. The essence of your brand is then narrated through a compelling brand story, intertwining emotion and strategy. Our focus remains on the emotional resonance, ensuring it aligns with your vision and appeals to your audience. With a clear strategy in place, we further enhance the tonal facets of your brand, distilling it into defined voice pillars.

Where words meet visuals, design magic is born. This phase is the heart of your brand's visual metamorphosis. Through immersive mood boards and creative brainstorming, we sketch the preliminary outlines of your brand's aesthetics. And then, perfection is the goal. Each design element, every pixel, is honed and refined, ensuring that your visual identity is not just captivating but razor-sharp, leaving an indelible imprint.

Your brand, once sculpted and polished, is now ready to make its mark in the world. Our role pivots to ensuring uniformity and precision in every touchpoint where your brand connects with its audience. From consultancy to art direction, our holistic approach ensures a seamless integration of your brand across various platforms. And because the digital landscape is ever-evolving, our support remains unwavering. Whether it's addressing any queries or leveraging our vast network for content production, social strategies, or marketing solutions, we stand by you, ensuring your brand thrives.

HOW DO You know that we are the right fit?

These guiding principles shape our DNA and if you're nodding along, we might just be the perfect branding match for you.


Embrace the Bold

In bold dreams and daring concepts, we find our strength. Through inclusive design practices, we champion fearless endeavors and celebrate diversity.


Better Together

Collaboration over competition is our mantra. In unity, we harness collective genius, advocating feminist practices that transform businesses into beloved brands.


Aiming sky high

Good isn't good enough. We're committed to transcending boundaries, aiming for an extraordinary that champions diversity in every design.


Challenge the Norm

Status quo? Not for us. We constantly disrupt, innovate, and create room for fresh perspectives. Every project is a step towards more inclusive design practices.


Walk the Talk

Talk is cheap; results are golden. Our focus is on making waves, on tangible results that showcase our commitment to a world that is for everyone.


Sunny-side up

Half full or half empty? We choose to see opportunities, fostering an environment where creativity thrives and possibilities are boundless.

When everything around us is the same, embracing our differences becomes our greatest chance for growth and success.

white asterisk, which is the icon of WDY Studio

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