Next Stop: your new fav spot (virtually and physically).


Launched as a self-initiated project, Philia Travel is your destination for true relaxation, memorable culinary experiences and the magic of solitude within the tranquility of stillness. Offering their services through a lens of intimacy, Philia makes each stay unique — tailored to the needs and wishes of every guest.


Our key concerns were how to make the website reflective of a chic, yet cozy boutique hotel that provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience, and most importantly, how to encourage more visitors to book a stay.


We opted for a web design that is held in subtle, natural, muted colors to mirror the core values of Philia. In order to familiarize future customers with the Greek island the hotel is located in (and to invite previous ones to reminisce ❤️), the website features an array of visuals showcasing the regional, Mediterranean aesthetic. To round it all off, animations allow for settle movements and minimalistic interactions, effortlessly guiding guests through what may very well be the most relaxing booking experience ever.